Chrome Cobalt and Titanium Metal Framework Dentures

These dentures offer a great solution if you have just a few teeth missing. These dentures are supported by your own teeth and often feel more secure. As they do not cover all the roof or floor of the mouth as acrylic dentures, they feel more comfortable to wear. A partial denture if worn will

  • Prevent further damage to your remaining teeth
  • Prevent remaining teeth from displacement i.e. moving or tilting
  • Allow you to smile with confidence
  • Improve your speech
  • Allow you to eat with comfort and enjoy your food

Chrome Cobalt Dentures

Metal alloy partial dentures are far less bulky and are lighter and more comfortable in the mouth. Following your consultation with the CDT, he will establish if you are suitable for this type of private denture. If this is the case, a set of study models will be created by taking impressions of the upper and lower Jaw to allow him to design the metal framework for construction. Once constructed, the metal framework is tried in and we will select a shade and tooth mould that suits you. Before these dentures are finished you will get to see them in place in the mouth. This is known as the Try-In stage and it is at this stage you can make any changes with tooth colour or aesthetics. We can make many of these changes chairside working with you to ensure you are happy before your dentures are finally processed for fitting.