Denture Services

Copy - Milled Digitally Designed Dentures

Getting a copy of your dentures milled with Digitally Designed Dentures offers several significant benefits:

Exact Replication: When you opt for a copy of your dentures using digital milling technology, you can expect an exact replica of your existing dentures. This ensures that the fit and appearance of the new dentures will be nearly identical to your current ones.

Preservation of Design: If you are satisfied with the fit and appearance of your current dentures, getting a copy milled ensures that you preserve the design and aesthetics that you are comfortable with. There is no need to go through the customization process again.

Convenience: Having a copy of your dentures on hand is very convenient if your original dentures get damaged, lost, or require adjustments. You won’t have to be without teeth for an extended period, as you can use your copy set while the necessary modifications are made to the originals.

Time Efficiency: The digital milling process is much faster than creating a completely new set of dentures. This means you can have a backup pair of dentures ready in a shorter timeframe, minimizing any disruptions to your daily life.

Cost-Effective: Replicating your dentures with digital milling is a more cost-effective option than creating an entirely new set from scratch. It can save you money compared to the expense of manufacturing a new pair.

Consistency: The digital milling process is highly accurate and precise, you can expect consistent quality and fit in your replicated dentures. There is less room for human error compared to traditional fabrication methods.