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Milled Digitally Designed Dentures

Digitally Designed Milled Dentures are a cutting-edge advancement in the field of dentistry that combines digital design and milling technology to create highly precise and customized dentures.

These dentures are crafted using computer-aided design (CAD) software to create a digital model and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technology to precisely mill or fabricate the dentures from a block of dental material. Here are the key aspects and benefits of Digitally Designed Milled Dentures:

Precision and Accuracy: Digital design and milling technology ensure an exceptionally accurate fit. The digital design process captures detailed information about the patient’s oral anatomy, resulting in dentures that fit comfortably and securely.

Customisation: These dentures are tailored to the individual patient’s needs. The digital design allows for precise adjustments to factors such as the shape, size, and arrangement of teeth, ensuring a natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

High-Quality Materials: Milled dentures are crafted from high-quality materials, such as acrylic resins or zirconia, which are known for their durability and aesthetics. This ensures a long-lasting and visually appealing solution.

Quick Turnaround: The milling process is faster than traditional denture fabrication methods. Patients will receive their dentures in a shorter timeframe, reducing the waiting period and the inconvenience of being without teeth.

Digital Records: The digital design files for milled dentures are saved, allowing for easy reproduction or adjustments if necessary. This means that if the original dentures are lost, or damaged, or if the patient’s oral anatomy changes – a copy of the dentures can be made without the need to start from scratch.

Consistency: The digital manufacturing process ensures consistent quality for each set of dentures produced. This minimizes the likelihood of errors or inconsistencies in fit and appearance.

Comfort and Functionality: Milled dentures are designed to provide superior comfort and functionality. Patients often experience improved speech, chewing efficiency, and overall satisfaction with their dentures.

Less Material Waste: Digital milling generates less material waste compared to traditional denture production methods, making it a more environmentally friendly option.

Digitally Designed Milled Dentures have many advantages over traditional dentures, including greater precision, customization, durability, and a faster manufacturing process. Additionally, digital records enable the easy reproduction of dentures or necessary adjustments, providing convenience and peace of mind for patients.

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