© Thomas Sunderland PhotographyTSA_0384_1Here at McNally Denture Clinic we know how important a smile is to everyone. Our CDT has established an excellent reputation for creating natural looking and functional dentures. Before your visit patients may like to bring with them in a list of questions which they would like to ask or perhaps a personal photograph of a smile they once had. During your private consultation we will carry out a clinical assessment and oral examination to ensure your mouth is healthy prior to commencing treatment for your new denture(s). Existing dentures will be examined inside and outside of the mouth offering solutions to denture problems you may be experiencing. A treatment plan will be designed and the types of dentures available to you will be explained in detail helping you make an informed decision on choosing your new Denture(s).

The treatment cost is outlined and if you are happy to proceed we will take the first set of impressions referred to as preliminary impressions of the upper and lower Jaw and an appointment is made for you to return for your second visit. There are normally four visits from the start of treatment to the final fitting of your new denture(s) and we will explain to you what will take place at each stage as part of the overall treatment plan.

For patients who are concerned about their oral health and feel they may need a denture in the near future, they can also make an appointment at our clinic and we will refer you to a dentist if you do not have a regular dentist for a check-up. We will work collaboratively to ensure you get the best possible outcome.