Denture Services

Private Denture Patients

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When it comes to private dentures there are a range of denture options available to you. These options will be explained in detail during a one to one consultation with our Clinical Dental Technician (CDT). When you come to McNally Denture Clinic for private dentures our CDT will be solely responsible for all the clinical treatment, laboratory work and processing of your new dentures. Using the most advanced impression techniques and clinical methods throughout your treatment process he will create natural looking and functional dentures for you.

Private Denture Teeth

You want your teeth to look natural and so do we. That is why we stock a full range of Ivoclar teeth from Vivadent PE to Phonares II. We consider these to be the most realistic denture teeth available on the market today. Our CDT will show you these life like denture teeth and discuss the best colour and mould for you during the treatment process.