Denture Services

Tooth Additions

We specialise in providing a same day service for tooth additions. If one or more of your natural teeth have to be extracted by your dentist we can offer two alternative services, both of which can be completed in a couple of hours! Your expert Clinical Dental Technician can advise on the best solution for you

  • Replace these teeth on your existing denture in advance of extraction and the denture can be inserted back into the mouth after the extractions have taken place by your dentist. 
    • We will work with you and your dentist to get the correct charting and following an impression by our CDT we will work on your denture in our on-site laboratory adding the teeth to your plate which have been planned by your dentist for removal.
  • Replace the teeth following extractions. 
    • If your extraction will be planned all you need to do is let us know the date and time of extraction and we will book you in to see our CDT who will replace the new teeth onto your denture plate.